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South Korean Woman Has Drunk 150,000 Cans of Coke within her Last 40 Years

Photo: X SBS/YouTube

South Korean Girl Has Drunk 150,000 Cans of Coke within the Final 40 Years

In case you’re the sort of person who thinks consuming Coke day by day is a certain solution to an early grave, this 74-year-old lady who has been mainly dwelling on the favored smooth drinks for 4 many years would really like a word with you…

Again in February, South Korean YouTube channel X SBS featured the bizarre story of a pensioner who has allegedly been consuming nothing however Coca Cola for the previous 40 years. Apparently, she isn’t the type of person who just can’t stand water, or who has been drinking Coke from a young age and could never be weaned off of it. Her Coke dependency is expounded on a traumatic occasion – the lack of her husband, the love of her life, at the age of 34. The lady mentioned that she turned to Coke the best way different people flip to alcohol to drown their sorrows, and solely grew to become extra hooked on the drink much more after additionally dropping her son in a traffic accident.

The 74-year-old lady claims that she has consumed 10 cans of Coke per day, on common, for the final 40 years, which might put the grand complete at virtually 150,000 cans, or 37,500 liters. Now that is the kind of dream client that I’m certain Coca Cola would like to have extra of!

Common sense dictates that consuming nothing however sugary drinks for such a very long time is a certain recipe for catastrophe, health-wise, however, this South Korean pensioner insisted that she was in nice bodily form and that the Coke truly contributed positively to that. She mentioned it was the right treatment to hiccups, and {that a} can of the fizzy drink at all times helps when she’s feeling drained, sleepy, or hungry.

After listening to her claims, X SBS ask the pensioner if she was up for a well-being checkup at a local clinic, and she accepted. Whereas her blood check got here out regular for a person her age, a higher endoscopy revealed some minor abdomen and duodenal ulcerations, which the physician mentioned may change into an issue in the long run.

It’s not clear if the 4 many years of Coke consumption had been the reason for the ulcers, however, the lady instructed X SBS that she is going to attempt to decrease the quantity of Coca Cola she drinks day by day.



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